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how I hate BT let me count the ways….

June 19, 2013


At this point I was absolutely raging, my BT account was opened on the basis of a complete untruth. The original day of connection was apparently never ever a connection day - at no point had anyone from BT indicated this to me and then after five weeks with no phone or internet and yet another day sat in the house I’m told that the engineer did arrive but noone answered - BULL! Along with all the other lies in between from people who have no authority whatsoever to make the promises they were making - BT's complete lack of integrity along the whole sorry five weeks to date is staggering.

Culling your twitterfeed – how liberating!

August 15, 2010


Like most people, my twitter feed has been getting pretty noisy over recent months and long gone are my days of automatically reciprocally following folk. Maybe, somewhat arrogantly, I feel that I should really only be following tweeters who are relevant to me and that have something interesting or humorous to say. I’ve seen a […]

It’s a wrap! #EdCMBE

July 18, 2010


Well folks, what can I say, what a hoot!!! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Edinburgh Coffee Morning Beer Evening, the food & drink sponsors Stewarts Brewing, Illegal Jacks & Vino Wines, the cash sponsors Eden Scott and Attacat, all the incredibly generous raffle prize donors, the cake bakers and each and every […]

Edinburgh Coffee Morning Beer Evening – what’s it all about?

July 12, 2010


Edinburgh Coffee Morning Beer Evening, an event almost entirely organised & promoted using Social Media! How exciting, after almost 3 months of planning, the eagerly awaited Edinburgh Coffee Morning Beer evening is almost upon us! I can’t wait and by looking at people’s tweets and other comments I’m not the only one! For those who […]

Is your online activity putting your career at risk?

June 28, 2010


Recruiting as much as I do within the Digital Sector in Scotland and also being a big fan of Social Media myself, I am often surprised at the content that some people throw out into the public domain. Some of it is very personal information, other times it could be seen as defamatory, incendiary or […]

Foursquare – putting the Social into Social Media?!

June 6, 2010


So many subjects I want to blog about and seemingly so little time! However, one thing that has kept cropping up in conversation over the past few weeks is foursquare. I admit I’ve found myself merrily logging in to places through my iPhone, gleefully collecting points and badges and also being somewhat annoyed when I’ve […]

#EdCM Beer Evening & other ‘animals’

May 17, 2010


After an incredibly hectic couple of weeks I’ve managed to snatch some time to update my woefully overdue blog (now I’ve just to remember everything that’s been happening over the past couple of weeks), it’s that or clean my oven, no contest! #EdCMBE Edinburgh Coffee Morning Beer Evening: It’s been great working with Kay, Danielle […]